Videos das palestras do evento "Inovando o Setor Público"

26 de maio de 2015
 |  Coordenação Sustentação DEIOP

Em novembro de 2014 a OCDE realizou o evento “Inovando o Setor Público: das Ideias ao Impacto” (veja o post OCDE – Inovando o Setor Público).

Aqui estão os vídeos de algumas das palestras do evento:

1) “Electronic Visa Application System (EVAS)” by İshak Ebrar Çubukcu, Head
of Department, Information Technologies (IT) Directorate, Turkish
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Turkey).
2) “Police and social media” by Thorir Ingvarsson, Detective Inspector, Reykjavik metropolitan police (Iceland).
3) “Innovating employment services” by Reynald Chapuis, Director, Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility, State Employment Service, Pôle emploi (France).
4) “Innovative Lessons from Building Digital Government” by Siim Sikkut, ICT Policy Adviser in Government Office (Estonia).
5) “The benefits of open innovation” by Pasi Projola, Development Manager, National Institute for Health and Welfare (Finland).
6) “The Dinobusters” by Nancy De Vogelaere and Elke Wambacq, Flemish public administration (Belgium).
7) “Internet application to help with tax submission” by Kaja Zalewska, Advisor in the Ministry of Finance (Poland).
8) “Zero Licencing” by Maria Manuel Marques, Professor, University of Coimbra, School of Economics (Portugal).
9) “Management and information technology” by Luca Attias, Director General, Court of Audit (Italy).
10) “Procurement-to-Pay health innovation” by Jamie Tibbetts, Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Financial Officer, Department of Health (Canada).
11) “Evidence and Innovation” by Andy Feldman, Special Advisor, Office of Management and Budget, Evidence & Innovation Team (United States).
12) “A Story about Innovating Locally” by Jacky Foucher, Founder of Grrr Agence créative (France).

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