Manual de Design de Serviços Públicos (SPIDER)

02 de outubro de 2015
 |  Coordenação Sustentação DEIOP

O projeto “SPIDER” (Supporting Public Service Innovation using Design in European Regions) lançou um manual de serviço intitulado “Design de Serviços Públicos: Um guia para a aplicação do design de serviços em organizações públicas“.
Esse manual está disponível para “download” (ver “link” ao final da postagem) e conforme constante do sítio do SPIDER:
Service design is a method for inventing or improving services. It is an interdisciplinary method that makes use of ‘design thinking’. Service design helps with designing services from the perspective of the user.

Not by guessing what these users might want, but by truly co-creating relevant, effective and efficient services in collaboration with them. The basic principles of service design are that the designed service should be user-friendly and desired, and must respond to the needs and motivations of customers and citizens. (grifo nosso)

This manual guides civil servants in tendering, evaluating and managing, and shows the added value of design professionals when bringing their skills, knowledge and experience to the table.

This practical guide is filled with examples and case studies that will enable public organisations to obtain enough insights and confidence in service design in order to start working with it themselves.

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