How do I Fix Netgear Router 403 Forbidden Error?

09 de março de 2021
 |  edward kortiz

Netgear routers are one of the best networking devices used by 90 percent users across the globe. This router comes with extraordinary features, offering its users a high-speed WiFi connection all over the house. Although this device has grabbed many eyeballs, yet it is prone to major technical issues and 403 forbidden error is the major among all. If you are also facing the same issue, this post has got you covered.

Here, in this how-to tutorial, we are going to mention all the possible reasons behind the error along with a solution to fix it. Let’s start over!

Why am I Facing Netgear Router 403 Forbidden Error?

There can be a number of reasons why you come across with the issue. Let’s have a look at a couple of them:

  • May be the internet browser you are using is loaded with temporary files, cache, cookies, and browsing history

  • You have not properly performed the Netgear Nighthawk router setup

  • The firmware on Netgear router is outdated

  • Your Netgear router is not connected to your home network

How to Resolve Netgear Router Forbidden 403 Error?

Walk through the troubleshooting tips given below to resolve the Netgear router 403 forbidden error.

Test Your Internet Connection

This troubleshooting tip is helpful when there is an issue from your ISP’s end. In the event that you can connect other devices to the same network, then the culprit can be one of your devices; not your internet connection. In case you are facing issues while connecting your devices with your home WiFi network, then the culprit is your network; not your devices. In such a case, power cycle your router, modem, PC, laptop, and mobile devices.

Power cycle is another way to fix Netgear router 403 forbidden error. To do so:

  • Power off your devices one by one

  • Let them all take a short break of 15 minutes

  • After that, power them on again one by one

Now, see if you can access the router login page.

Clear Your Internet Browser

Before accessing the Netgear router login page, ensure that the internet browser you are using is free from temporary files, browsing history, cache, and cookies. So, we suggest you wipe out the junk from your internet browser in order to fix Netgear router 404 forbidden error.

Update the Router’s Firmware

Still facing the same error? If yes, then updating the router’s firmware may help you fix the issue in minutes. Have a quick glance at the instructions given below to update your router’s firmware.

  • Plug your Netgear router into a working wall outlet.

  • Connect your desktop or laptop to your home WiFi network.

  • Launch an internet browser of your choice.

  • Log in to your router using the admin ID and password.

  • Once you are into the Netgear router login page, locate and click on the Firmware Update section.

  • If you find the new firmware update is available for your Netgear router, follow the instructions, get your device updated, and fix the annoying 403 forbidden error.

If you face any sort of issues while updating the router’s firmware, feel free to ask help from our technical exerts via comments.


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So, our how-to post to fix Netgear router 403 forbidden error ends here. If the same issue is still spinning your head, feel free to contact our technical experts for instant help and relevant solutions to fix all your router-related issues.

Wish you a trouble-free and happy Netgear router experience!

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